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Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
Sacroiliac Joint Fusion
The Superion procedure is a minimally invasive procedure to treat lumbar spinal stenosis. This procedure provides a bridge between conservative care and open spinal surgery. Lumbar spinal stenosis causes low back pain, buttock pain, and leg pain due to narrowing of the spinal canal. 
The procedure involves inserting a spacer device at the level of the spinal narrowing. Once deployed the spacer opens and reduces the narrowing of the canal. Patients usually feel immediate resolution of their symptoms post procedure. There is minimal to no recovery time needed. This procedure can be reversed 100% if needed. 
Sacroiliac joint pain is a very common condition which in its chronic state usually results form hyper mobility of the sacroiliac joint.  
The sacroiliac joint fusion stabilizes the joint and eliminates pain from the joint. At the Orthopaedic & Spine Center the Cornerloc System uses a posterior approach to perform the procedure. The procedure is done by inserting two small wedge pieces (cortical allograft) into the top and bottom sacroiliac joint. This stabilizes the hyper mobility of the joint and eliminates the pain.
Kyphoplasty / Vertebroplasty
Kyphoplasty procedure involves a new technology whereby an osteoporotic compression fracture can be treated, pain relieved, the lost bone height restored, and the fracture immediately stabilized with the injection of bone cement. 
Vertebroplasty is a procedure where cement is injected into the fractured vertebra without any attempt at correction of the collapsed bone.
Results from both Kyphoplasty and Vertebroplasty have shown excellent restoration of fractures which are less than four to six months old, and better than 90% success at reducing pain associated with the broken vertebra.
Kyphoplasty / Vertebroplasty are minimally invasive out patient procedures.