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Neuromodulation // Spinal Cord Stimulation
Neuromodulation is a therapy with wide spread applications. At the Orthopaedic & Spine Center, we specialize in the application of neuromodulation in the of area chronic pain through the use of spinal cord stimulation (SCS). SCS is perhaps the most innovative therapy in the field of Interventional Pain Management. With the excellent outcomes patients have achieved, its clinical applications continue to expand. It is indicated for any chronic pain condition of a neuropathic origin or certain spine conditions including failed back surgery. Ask your physician today if SCS can help relieve your pain and suffering.
For patients who have persistent spine pain and/or neuropathic pain refractory to all other measures, including medications, therapy, and injections.

For patients who do not desire spine surgery, have failed spine surgery, or who are not surgical candidates due to age or other health concerns.  

Spinal Stenosis
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
Phantom Limb Syndrome
Peripheral Neuropathy
Degenerative Disc Disease
Post-laminectomy or Failed Back Pain Syndromes
Epidural Fibrosis

SCS essentially masks your pain with a more pleasant sensation or paresthesia. This is accomplished by leads placed adjacent to the spinal column where pain nerve fibers reside. A pulse generator is programmed to deliver the stimulation through the leads to the spinal column. The impulses will then travel to the brain and be perceived as a pleasant paresthesia, thus masking the pain you normally experience. 

At the Orthopaedic & Spine Center we have expertise in using the latest technologies available to provide the best outcomes for our patients.

Firstly, a SCS trial is performed on a outpatient basis where a temporary device is placed to determine its efficacy in relieving your pain and improving your function. If successful, the trial is removed and your procedure is scheduled.

 Then, the SCS implant is performed on an outpatient basis where an implantable device is placed in a similar fashion to your trial. You will have two small incisions and recovery is minimal. Your physician will discuss all risks and benefits prior to your procedure and will review any precautions to consider during recovery. 

 At the Orthopaedic & Spine Center, our physicians are surgically skilled to perform both your trial and implant procedures. Thus providing the continuity that is critical in achieving patient satisfaction and optimal outcomes.